#afxrw goes to USA Part 1

Hellllooo, it has been ages! I am so sorry but I have been so busy with work and all. Found out that shift work kinda sucks after marriage. Sometimes I don’t get to see W for a few days cos I am on shifts and he is on permanent nights. We are still trying to adapt to the whole shift thing but we are coping well so far. Okay so lets talk about our honeymoon! I know its been 5 months odd hahaha but nak jugak lah!

We had only the day after the wedding to pack and get ready for our trip. We have never travelled together before so I was feeling excited & nervous! We finally finish packing on the night before and we had an early flight to catch so I did not sleep at all cos I was busy preparing. My parents sent us off & off we goooo!

The total flight time was about 24 hours with 2 transits. We stopped over at Tokyo & Seattle. Both transit times were about an hour each so it was still okay. W was stopped and screened at Seattle cos biase lah USA. With his janggut and all, confirm kene. So due to that, we missed our connecting flight to Seattle but luckily they arranged another flight not too long from our scheduled flight.

Reached San Francisco at about 2pm and my best friend picked us up. She drove us to our Airbnb apartment and day one was mostly resting, settling down and fighting jetlag. We rented just a room in an apartment in SF. The guy who owns the apartment was super nice. He was working during the night so we did not meet often. We did not spend much time in the apartment as we were usually out the whole day and be back late at night.

Met bff & husband for dinner that night and they showed us around. Surprisingly, it was pretty cold in SF, but so nice lah. Aircon weather. The next day, we explored SF via Hop on and off bus. Not too bad that we managed to find places on our own. Hehe. Plus so proud of us for using their public transportation! All with the help of Google Maps of course. Hahaha.

The third day, we headed to Alcatraz and explored. Worth the trip! We also explored the iconic Fisherman’s Wharf & Pier 39.

Union Square was the shopping heaven in SF but I controlled myself!! We did not do much shopping as we had 2 more places to go and we did not want our luggages to be heavy travelling from one place to another. Knowing me kan. Hahaha. The following day, my best friend drove us to the airport early in the morning and flew to Las Vegas! That will be another post!


Okay, I know I owe you guyzz a million updates. I will write a proper post soon! But now, I would like to share the highlights of our wedding. Haizz, mcm nak kahwin lagi please! Happy New Year everybodehh!

Post Wedding Review II

Hello again! Procrastinated long enough so I shall cover the rest of the vendors today. Hehe.


Initially I booked Syraskins but I was bumped cos not long after I booked, they opened up their studio & do not do home base. So I cancelled my booking with them as I did not want the hassle of going there to get my henna done. Don’t get me wrong. I wanted to do it at the comfort of my home in my slacks & tshirt lol. So, I decided to engage the lady that did my best friend’s henna. The turn out was awesome. Her daughter & her were very teliti when doing my henna. It took about 2 hours & can you imagine if I were to do it at a studio? Pengsan babe, tak sanggup! Didn’t know it will be that tiring! Okay see for yourself okay!


The stain was red & it stayed there till the end of my honeymoon. Suke sangat! If you babes need her contact, just drop me a comment!


I took #cakesbynazirahkhan for simple reasons. 1) She does beautiful cakes & I love her work. 2) She was my primary school friend so help to promote her abit! Hehehe. Such a delicious cake but sadly! I only had one small bite. Do not ask me where the cake went cos sakit hati sekali! If you want to see more of her work, do search #cakesbynazirahkhan or add her on IG/FB Nazirah Khan.


We engaged Sejolibyapparatus to capture our special day. Ours was one of the last few weddings they did. We got 2 photographers, Pippi & Helmindra. They were laid back, nothing too stressful. Communication was easy & we all got along pretty well. Still awaiting for our pictures! Everyday I ask my husband whether I should drop them an email to us (read:kiasu) but he keeps on telling me to give them time.


The guys from Merahinmotion were gerek as well. Laid back & easy to talk to. Every other day I check their Vimeo and FB page tauuu. Hahaha. Kiasu abis ni.



Strongly recommend Sri Gemilang! From the start of the event till the end, they were awesome. Thank youuu!

  Honestly, I do not know much about Ulan but they were good. The guy’s voice was so sedap eh. Hahaha. Highly recommended!



 Okay, I menyesal abit lah sebab we did not manage to any photos at the photo booth. This was due to the time constraint and all. But the guests did have fun! We love how everything was done & we got the guestbook at the end of the day. We were looking thru it the night of the wedding & we had fun looking thru it. So remember, do make time to go to your photo booth!

Gift Trays

Okay, this one last because as much as the trays were pretty, I was disappointed. When the trays were delivered to my place as early as Wednesday night, I sat in front of the trays and was staring at it for some time. I expected more than what was delivered to me. I slept thru the night and the next day when I woke up, I decided to rearrange the trays myself. The thing that was disappointing was that they did not even take out the items from the boxes such as the perfumes & makeup. My friend said that I should have been more specific if I had any requests but I think the representative should have asked me if I wanted to keep the items in the box or not. And I even told him you can arrange it up to his preference. Okay, tu takpe. Some of the stacked items kept on falling cos no double sided tape or any thing that is able to hold the items. So, I decided to change some of the arrangements in the trays. And the acrylic trays were dirty. I had to wipe it 3-4 times before it looked okay. It was definitely disappointing coming from a company who I thought is quite well known & established. This is the picture I took from their IG.

I think I am done with all the vendor reviews! Hope that helped a little. If you need or have any further questions, feel free to drop me an email at yourstrulyanis@gmail.com. If you ask me if I miss planning the wedding, yes I miss it a little. If you ask me if I miss my wedding, the answer is a definite YES! The day was amazing. It is still on repeat mode in my head. Hahaha. All the best to future brides out there. Just remember to stay calm, enjoy wedding planning amidst the stress & of course look forward to your wedding day.

As for this blog, I think I will keep it for awhile. Maybe share our honeymoon & insyallah, our BTO & mana tau in years to come are baby pulak. HEHEHE. So insyallah! Fireworks&sunsets will still be up & running. Plus its nice to go back & read on the old blog posts.

Till then, good night lovelies!

Post Wedding Review I

Hello! How are you all? Hope you guys are well! I have been procrastinating to update this space hehehe. My husband (chey!) keeps on reminding me to update. So today is finally the day. Hehehe.

We are back for a week now since the honeymoon. Both of us are doing good. Trying to adjust ourselves to the fact that we are already married. First few days was a little weird cos when I woke up, I realised that I am not sleeping alone anymore! Hehehe. Okay back to the post, I want to do a review for my wedding vendors. It may be a little long so I will break it into 2 posts!

Anggun Decor 

I was in awed when I first saw the decor the night before the wedding. Yes, I still went to the CC even tho orang cakap jangan merayap. Hahaha. The moment I stepped in the CC hall, I was like “Woahhhh, that is mine?!” They were nearly done with the decor when I came so my family was the first ones to see. I was shocked cos I did not expect it to be that gorgeous! A week before the wedding, I had a nervous feeling about the decor but it was all good after I saw it and slept peacefully after. Hehehe. There were fresh flowers on the tables and everything just looked so perfect. We were glad we opted for the open concept. Got to thank Abg Shaiful & Kak Nyta for the awesome decor. Received a lot of compliments from our guests. Thank you!! Do consider Anggun if you haven’t decided on your decor.


Peti Solek The Bridal Room

When I was looking for my andaman, PSTBR was my first choice cos I love their outfits & make up. True enough, they did not disappoint. Lets talk about the outfits first. When we went for our final fitting, we had a small glitch & we changed our songket outfit. But it turned out to be okay! We wanted a bold colour as our theme was white so we could stand out. And we did. I fell in love with my last outfit. It is definitely a beautiful piece. Definitely made me look slimmer abit (haha!). And not so open so I was happy about it. So gorgeous, I nak simpan boleh? Hehehe. Secondly, my MUA, Yaya was awesome. Her hands are magic. My face really glowed. And my hair especially for the last outfit was fwahhh! Could not be more happy with the results. She stood by me since the start of the day till the very end. Appreciated that so so much. Plus she was easy to talk to & we got along very well. She definitely made me look and feel like a princess for a day. Hehehe. Thank you so so much to Yaya & the rest of the PSTBR team!

12019832_953447058054656_2854914519041207051_n 12072748_953447954721233_4768802343143790959_n 12032211_953920744673954_8842965004596845210_n 12063605_953920994673929_6254542042672567784_n 12079690_953921511340544_929670493423665572_n 12063839_953921578007204_2140395404668532342_n 12046850_953921678007194_4188089671571070296_n

(All images taken from PSTBR)

Anis & Din Catering

We pengantin did not manage to eat much of the food. Understood lah kan. But we received many compliments for the food spread. The dessert spread was huge & the food was sedap. I only managed to get a bite or two during the lunch. Bedek sey tu lunch. Nak makan pun takut. Hahaha. We managed to bring back to the hotel and we ate that night itself. Hehehe. According to my family & friends, the caterer kept on topping up the food so that was good. Also at the end of the day, there were not much leftovers so alhamdulilah, at least there was not much wastage. Anis & Din is recommended definitely!

Okay, I shall review the rest in another post! Thank you for reading till here. Hehehe. Good night!

Post Wedding

Hello! Didn’t manage to write a post pre wedding. Busy katekan. Anyway, its been 3 days since the wedding & I still cannot believe I am married!

Alhamdulilah, everything went well. We loved how the whole wedding turned out & definitely all our hard work paid off. I’ll write up another post when we are back from our honeymoon! For now, a few pictures!



Now I understand when brides say how they miss their wedding after its done! I miss mine definitely! Heheheh. Okay I actually tengah jet lag. Its 3am in San Francisco but I am wide awake! 

Till my next post! Muahhhh!


T-15 days

Assalammualaikum! I know I know. I owe this space a long update! I have been busy since I came back home last month. How are you BTBs? Hope you guys are doing well! ❤

Okay, first things first. We are left with 15 more days. Truth to be told, I am not feeling the wedding jitters yet but the days are getting lesser and lesser. Unbelievable! Okay, so we got our invites settled. Sent out all our invites the first week when I got back. Settled the ROMM interview, caterer, venue & berkats as well. At the last minute, problems are bound to happen. The problem I faced was with first, the berkat. My mum wants to change this and that at the last minute & I tell you, it was such a headache at that point of time. I really felt like breaking down because it was so stressful. Anyway, I managed to get the berkats settled in the end.

The next problem was with catering. The caterer kept on asking us to buffer people just in case our jemputan terlebih. We decided not to cos our invites pun tak habis send out. Then we added Roti Kirai to our spread. Okay, tu takpe. Then after the meeting with the caterer, my grandma called and said she wants to tambah people cos she wants to jemput more sedaras. Okay takpe. So my mum called the caterer and inform them of the additional. Then she asked if we could cut down the Roti Kirai that we added to half cos takut nanti banyak sangat makanan kan. The caterer said cannot. Which I really do not understand why. Okay takpe. Then my mum asked me to call the CC to ask if we are allowed to do live station as she found someone to do the Roti Kirai live. Our caterer is not doing the Roti Kirai as a live station by the way. Okay, so I called the CC and the CC said they will get back to me which they haven’t. Dah nak majlis pun masih nak tambah ni & tu. Mcm mane I tak stress!! So that one still hanging. Haishhh.

I don’t know but do you BTBs have problems with your parents at one point of the wedding planning? I asked my friends who recently got married and they said its normal. Lol. The past few weeks was so stressful that I vent my anger out at a lot of people. Sorry eh tak sengaja really. My mum wants everything to be perfect. Yes I know. Of course I want the wedding to be perfect as well. But jangan lah sampai gitu kan. Haiz stress I.

Anddd my room is forever not done yet. Nasib baik tak siap at home. Didn’t know I have so many things OMGGG. Macam nak buang semua barang. Kesian my tunang. Kene make space for him. The aim is to finish cleaning by this coming week!!!

Looking forward to get the wedding over and done with. Of course, I will miss it after but for now, I am so tired & so is W. We both look like we could really use a good break. Hopefully we will get that chance during our honeymoon. Hahaha. Honeymoon pun belum buat itinerary. So many things to do still yet so little time! Siape nak tolong? Hahaha.

Okay, I will end this post now. Please pray for us! Insyallah, I will update a post before I get hitch! See you babes!



Super psyched for our honeymoon! I am actually more excited for the honeymoon compared to the wedding. LOL. So guess where we are goinggggg!









Yeaahhhhh, we are heading to the USA! I visited before when I was young so I cannot remember much. Then I went to LA in 2012. Heading back there again but this time we are going to San Francisco -> Las Vegas -> Los Angeles. Excited youuuuu. I am still doing research on where to go what to do and all. But itinerary not done yet. Huhuhu. Abit nervous cos its our first time traveling together. No joke when we saw the Eticket. 21 hours travel to & 24 hours travel back. Pantat square babe confirm!

On a side note, my parents have started sending out the wedding invitations. Shit just got real, again. 54 more days to the wedding and I have yet to lose more weight. Asyik makan je, mcm mane nak kurus! For now, I have to concentrate on packing my stuffs back to SG. No joke also cos I thought tak banyak. But then, suddenly everyone kirim abaya & stuffs so I pun start pening. Hahaha.

My gfs are so sweet cos they are “kidnapping” me on a short trip somewhere end of this month which I have no idea where. I hope they won’t make me do silly things! Lol. Looking forward to home sweet home in 2 more weeks!

I know, I know.

Hello lovelies! I know it has been eons since I last updated. I have been caught up with work laa. I know you miss me kan kan. Hahaha muka taktau malu nombor satu. Okay, proper update!

First of all, Eid Mubarak! Maaf zahir & batin. It was definitely heartbreaking to spend my Ramadhan & Eid in a foreign land. But it was not that bad afterall. The first few days of Ramadhan was difficult, especially the first day. Cos we had to wake up at 3am and Subuh was like 330am? We fasted for about 15 hours in total. So first few days were adjusting days & the weather did not really help at all. It was hot, like 40-43 degrees on an average day! We Muslims worked lesser shifts during Ramadhan (YEAY!) so my friend and I had the chance to do our Umrah. Being in Mecca during Ramadhan was such an eye opener. To see people from different parts of the world, rich poor black or white doing their Umrah was such a moving thing to see. So so blessed to have been given the opportunity! Other than that, I pretty much avoided going out during the day cos it was too too hot!

And then came Eid. I was working day shift and when I heard the azan for Maghrib, I was hoping for takbir like on Warna. But nooo! There was no takbir, can you believe it?! So it was not that bad. Hahaha. Cos I expected myself to cry lahhh. Well that was until I heard it online!! Tak lah melalak, just teared & sedih sekejap. Hahaha. Had a few friends over that malam raya. I managed to cook some raya dishes & I must say I was so proud of myself! Managed to FaceTime with the family & sedih all over again. Lol.

Okay moving on. On 1st Syawal itself, me and a few friends headed to Madinah. Such a beautiful place I must say. We took a limo which costed lesser but longer duration to reach but it was worth the butt cramp! I am indeed bersyukur to have visited the two places I never thought I would visit, alhamdulilah! We stayed there for a few days and now I am back in Riyadh.


A few more weeks left & I will leave for good so it is not that bad! Kinda half hearted to leave though cos maybe I am already comfortable with working environment and all. But no no way am I going to stay here for another year or so. Balik lah sudah. Hahaha. Tak tahan kerja dgn orang sini. But well, it was a good experience!

Wedding wise, we have not done much so far. Our wedding cards from Kadlawo are ready so we are excited to see the turnout. Hopefully the printing will not be so bad. We booked our flight tickets & accommodations for our honeymoon as well. Excited nyeee! 2 more months yawww. DAH NAK FINAL COUNTDOWN NIIII.

And what is this I saw BTBs meetup? WAHHH JEALOUS TAU I! HEHEHE. Please count me in the next time! Would really love to meet you BTBs! Asyik2 baca about each other through the laptop screen je. Hehehehe.

Btw, if any of you have contacts for Sirih Junjung or Sirih Dara, please share with me cos I am looking for someone who can do them! Thank you in advance!

Next post I promise I’ll write something about our honeymoon. Hehehe. Take care!


Eid Mubarak! Hope you girls are doing well. Maaf zahir & batin yeee! 

I am helping my friend to sell off a pair of wedding heels that she bought. She bought it a size too small so she wants to sell off the current pair. Lawa tau! Cuba tgk!


She got it just last week. If anyone is willing to buy, its a size 38 & she is selling it off at $55. Leave a comment if interested! Thank you!

I will be back with a proper post, I promise! Till then, enjoy the lontongs & ketupats & kuihs! Muahh! 


Good morning SG! Its 3am here in Riyadh & I am currently waiting for Subuh. I realised that I left a few things out last entry. Lol because maybe too much to write & I wanted to squeeze everything in one entry.

Okay so anyways! In addition to what happened during my vacation, we bought our rings! Yeayyy! Since GSS was going on, we took the opportunity to search for our rings. Our engagement rings were from Sookee & Goldheart respectively and we were happy with how they turned out after years. So we went to Ion’s Jewellery Street & walked around. All the shops were having sales. Suke sekali! But there were also alot of people in every shop. Boo!

We were undecided on whether I should get a solitaire or a wedding band. So we decided to have a look around. We went to Sookee. Ah kau, solitaire die boleh bunuh orang! Peh mahal! Hahahaha. But of course, they had nice designs. We could not really see the wedding bands cos there were too many people! Finally we gave up and jumped ship to Goldheart. Walked in and a salesman approached us and ask what we were looking for. So we told him our budget and he took out some rings. We kinda like what we saw but again, there were too many people at the wedding bands section. We decided to walk around and come back later. After about 10-15 mins, kite dah restless. So we went back into Goldheart & finally there was space at the wedding bands section. A lady served us, told her our budget for solitaire rings & she showed us some designs. In the end, we bought me a solitaire & him a wedding band. We got a good price for both! We were in and out in less than half an hour. Lol. Another one of the list!

When I was back, I texted my friend to ask her whether she’s able to do our wedding cake. She didn’t reply me until 2 days later and I got quite a scare cos I thought she couldn’t do it. But anyhow, she replied and told me she forgot to reply me! Lol. One more of the list!

So happy checking off things one at a time. We are still waiting on our card designs from Kadlawo which is taking forever. We are hoping they could be ready by Raya so we can give out to our relatives during visiting. Kill 2 birds with 1 stone la kate orang. Hehehe.

Alright! I will end this post cos dah Subuh & I gotta sleep before night shift later. Have a good week lovelies!